The rights of user and the procedure of operation had been the food for thought since i first heard about random account deletions by Flickr. I cannot imagine another reason for such deletions, because as per the explanations of those victims they were not doing things to invite action against them. Whatever the reason the solution is surely not a blame game. They have a way of working and its already known to us. Now the users have to decide whether they are happy to remain under such terms or they need to find alternatives.

As I have clearly specified earlier the substitution is not an easy job, and we have to ensure that the new home is free from all these troubles. I am just using a method of deduction to reach into the conclusion that Huge number of users ( not visitors) will spoil any provider. Also reached to the point that an individual company or entrepreneur may not be able to raise up to the expectations of the users on a later stage. Every business should consider the sentiments of the users while forming the strategies of operation. If you are not expecting the user to smile to see a change, i am not sure about that change. So a space for the feelings and expressions of the users should have been provided.

A community project is a group of people developing something on consensus about the available features and terms of usage. It is evident that most of the community projects are still distinguished as the best in various professions. Web space and bandwidth is not free! some one has to pay for it. If we are making the provider pay, then he has to find a way to redeem it from the service. I was thinking about a much safer way of storage and the following idea came up and i am putting it on the users domain for a discussion.

Imagine that you have 5000 pics online and each of the pic is 4-5 MB of size, that means u need a storage space of 5000 * 5 = 25GB and much more bandwidth. I think there should be another level of membership above a PRO membership as in Flickr which consists of a VPS for those privileged users with an option to have their own domain, they will be still part of the community the only difference is their URL, by doing so the community will get out of the responsibility of the pics uploaded on the account, so no one has to moderate those pics. But this should not be a reason for anyone to upload anything and cause issues to the reputation of the community, so the connection to the community will be forbidden till the issue is settled down is the suggested action. simply means your right to be in a community is denied till you are suitable for the community and the identification of such offenders shall be done with a flagging system by the users followed by a team of designated users (not a robot or a staff member) We should have a designated Committee constituted of a pool of reputed members who can act impartially on such decisions. So a limit shall be set for the flagging by visitors and on reaching the limit the case shall be sent to the committee, We can take the majority to decide about the user. A committee is not an easy task in virtual world, we cannot expect everyone to be available every day or on the occurrence of such events, so if we need the comments of 5 people the committee must have atleast 100 people. and only the first 5 votes have to be counted. These numbers are just for explanation purpose, we can reach on a decision about it later. Needless to say, the committee must have regional representation. Now let me rephrase it for those who find the term committee bit tough. There will not be any morality checking robot or a staff member, we will give some active members a special designation and power to vote on a question of suspension.

The concept is good theoretically and i agree very tough to implement, still we can give a try if you are finding some sense in it. else feel free to suggest an alternative.

I will come up with a photo sharing platform with in few days, it is already under development. But i am not trying to be just another provider. I want to develop a solution for a serious issue of the future.

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