Cross section of a beating heart

On 24/04/2011, in fun, The Writer, Thoughts, by Gopan K

Dear Miss Perfect,

I was wondering about this feeling, strange still interesting. I have never experienced something like this before. So I was wondering whether I am experiencing the so called chemical reaction of brain called love! I thought, the firewall of my heart was strong, but some how you were able to intrude and drop some toxic codes inside the sweet chamber of the heart. The self executable codes initiated the chemical reaction, I can feel it happening.


The intrusion was big enough to hurt the technician in me, it axed the mighty tree of confidence, I should have had better security strategies to prevent the back door attack. But same moment I am enjoying the effect of the attack. Bit contradictory and I am not sure which feeling is winning the battle later.


I never imagined that my daily routine will be affected this way, l guess the intruder dropped an image with a code to display it on the background of the brain before beginning of every thought process. May be thats why I can see you even in the crowd and in the corner. I must say that you should earn bit more proficiency in photo editing, that dropped image should have bit more contrast and the alpha can be much better!


Wait wait.. I hope you are not using a latest Droid application to send that image directly to the brain, if so how did you trace the MAC address of my brain? You are still an intruder, but a sweet one.


Let me try to be conventional now onwards,


The brightest outcome of the garden of Red Tulips, you have fallen as the dew drops of a calm cold morning into the dry valley of my heart! Now I can fancy some green, the ever dry valley is already excited to see the purest expression of the nature. I am longing for that moment in which we sit together in the light of those candles and the sound of the 16 violins exclusively playing to endorse the glory of our sweet emotions. My heart has been beating in a different tune now, I can feel that music, the symphony of love and passion, I wish I could show you the heart, with its beat.


I am not sure if you are understanding what I am trying to say. I don’t know if you intruded by intention , it could be a mistake too. You might have been trying to get into another network and reached here. So please let me know if you Agree or Disagree the agreement, please Agree to continue else you cannot install this relation, you may read or ignore to read the details but a click on the Agree button is essential to continue.


Waiting to hear from you, please confirm the authenticity by entering the serial number, else I have to remove this evaluation copy from the heart. I usually deny access to such malicious and dangerous software, I am allowing you just because I was affected, so wanted to know more before I initiate my disinfection spell.


You may reply in the same channel where your picture is displayed before every thought process. But I don’t know whether your Droid application can take messages back from the mind. I will wait for few hours before I initiate the malicious code removal process. Looking forward to hear from you, hear is a wrong word.. looking forward to know you, again looking is a wrong word… waiting to know you!



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I Declare World Peace

On 21/04/2011, in info, by Gopan K

I Declare World Peace is the world’s largest ever art / science project / experiment. We describe it in the next few paragraphs. It is not a group. There is nothing to join. There is no cost. There are no members, and it requires no registration. While I Declare World Peace supports and embraces the activities of every other well-intentioned peace promoting endeavor, our experiment is based on the principle of “do less and accomplish more.” So, I Declare World Peace engages in no activities of any kind, except for encouraging everyone to periodically think the affirmation “I Declare World Peace” and from time to time write it on the wall of your favorite social media.

World peace can be achieved in our lifetime. In the meantime, and to help the process (since peace is up to us), please post “I Declare World Peace” on the walls of your social media sites. Thank you.  More…….

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Story of a Journey, a real long one.

On 19/04/2011, in The Writer, by Gopan K

A journey from Mumbai to central Kerala is nothing more than a 24 hours affair even if you opt to travel by road. The Konkan railway reduced the distance between these two destinations atleast by 12 hours. Now what is the scope for a travelogue. Lets see.


The summer vacation is a horrible period of time for a routine traveler, who cannot book his tickets before months. I still managed to get a Tatkal ticket on a train runs the longer route through Pune and Bengaluru. The anti climax starts where I realized that I will not reach the station on time for the train, the technology helped me to book a bus upto Mangalore from the place I was located.


The story took another twist when I missed the bus with a small confusion of boarding point and in 5 minutes I realized that I have lost both train and the bus. Thanks to the mini van driver who tried hard to drop me to the original boarding point. Alas! All his efforts were wasted.

Now what? I was literally clueless, then I realized that I have to travel in segments to reach the destination. I was standing on the boarding point of the lost bus and Found a luxury bus there, which was going to Vidharba via Pune after a small discussion they offered me a seat in the cabin upto Pune, thus I become the back seat driver of the bus to Vidharba. They were not in any hurry and was asking every person on the road whether they want to go Vidharba. By 8:30 PM I reached Pune.

There I managed to find a Bus to Goa which was the second destination on my run. The bus was scheduled for departure at 10:00 PM and I started to fancy my possibilities of reaching Mangalore by next day noon and board a train home from there. I took the weapon, the laptop and immediately booked a tatkal ticket from Mangalore. Another proud moment for a netizen.


Boarded The bus from Parvathy, its a place not a girl, and started to relax in the conditioned air of Volvo and was fantasizing the dawn of Goa, the expected time of journey was 8 hours and I had all my reasons to dream.


Everything changed in the morning, It was 9:45 AM when I reached Goa. Caught a two wheeler taxi to the railway station and with 3 minutes the station display boards told me a sad truth, there is no train til midnight. Came out of the station and again caught a two wheeler taxi back to Kadamba bus station. Again in few minutes another sad news broke. No bus to Mangalore till 8:30 PM. I was not in any mood to roam in Goa till 8:30 and reach home atleast 12 hours late. Then decided to go to Karwar , the first major town in Karnataka after Goa on the way to Mangalore on the NH17.


I found a bus with a Express label on the front, I was again happy to see that. The express helped me to do a census of all the villages between Margoa and Karwar, and I saw atleast 150 people coming and going as If they are entering a photo studio for group photos. students, youngsters, mothers with children and Ladies selling fish all came in and gone. By 12:40 I reached Karwar and I decided to Have a lunch before I catch one of many buses running to Mangalore.


Ran into the first restaurant I saw and with my limited Kannada heard another sad news. No bus to Mangalore. But the same guy gave me the idea of Catching a passenger train to Uduppi and then go to Mangalore from there by bus. The idea was promising. The Belgam- Karwar – Uduppi passenger was scheduled to start at 1:30 PM, I mean 13:30 as per the railway standards. Had a quick lunch and fixed an Autorikshaw to 7km away railway station.


The deserted station welcomed me with another bit of shocking information, The passenger I mentioned earlier is not running on Mondays and it was a Monday. But there was a Magalore passenger at 15:30. I decided to wait there, I had no other way though. The time was about 13:25 and I saw the list of trains from Karwar and found a Rajdhani train at 13:42. I just went to the counter and casually asked if I get a ticket in that train and I thought they will practice their insulting skills on me for that question, as I had no reservation. But they said they can provide me a ticket. I was very happy for a moment and in no time realized that I was not having enough money in my hand to buy a Rajdhani ticket. Remember that I reached there to board a passenger train, Blame the plastic money and advancement of the world. I  asked them if they can accept a credit or debit card, they just laughed. I heard some Kanadika friends saying that there should be card validation systems and ATMs in the station, then the booking officer said the simple fact that they are looking for a second platform first. Very genuine demand.


Back to the story, The kind booking officer asked me if I can come back in 30 minutes with money, I gave him Rs 800/- and he immediately printed my ticket, because he had to do it before the chart was prepared. He arranged me an Autorikshaw and explained the situation to the driver. He raised upto the expectation and started the cross country Autorikshaw race.


I managed to find an ATM and came back by 13:55 the train was late by 20 minutes and I slowely moved into the lonely platform. By 14:15 the Rajdhani came in and took me home without any more twist.


End of the day I reached home before the scheduled arrival time of the train I missed in Mumbai. I have seen people in the run and some of them really amazed me for their dedication to the respective jobs. Hats off to all those dedicated men. I will be back in Karwar on 30th of April and I hope to meet some of those people once again.



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Chemistry of Corruption

On 08/04/2011, in The Writer, Thoughts, by Gopan K

Corruption is the biggest known threat to any nation. Democracy is one of the better methods of administration. Democracy gives immense power to the common man, he has the power to select a representative and send to the law making house. By The People, Of The People and For The People is a great concept. Democracy denotes freedom of expression and movement. But there is always a dark side to the coin.


India is a democratic country and we are represented by politicians in the temple of democracy named parliament. Power makes people corrupt, corruption is an addiction and de addiction is tough since the enjoyment of being corrupt is way too much above the pleasure of any other addiction. Money matters, the effortless earnings will always reduce the value of the earned treasure and will contribute to the greed element drastically. Result, the corrupt will become more corrupt and more greedy.


Can we blame the politicians for everything and release ourselves from all the charges? Knowingly or unknowingly we are also part of the corruption. We are electing the representatives, we have the power to do it. I have heard the argument that all are corrupt and we had to vote for one of them. The question is can you declare that you have voted for the least corrupt? No way, if that was the case we will not see the most corrupt politicians back in power.


Our great nation has many more factors to consider while sending a representative. Unfortunately the history of corruption of that candidate is not the prime factor. We have to select the one from our cast, he should belongs to the same language group I speak and he should try to get all the goodies from the government to me. Whether its a BPL status or 10 KG of rice or wheat per month free. The point is if a corrupt politician is having followers it cannot be just political orientation, he must be sharing the bread he earned to the pack, or atleast he may be giving them hope of that share.


The neutral human nature is greed! Imagine that you saw a Rs 500 currency on the way to home, how many of them will take and give it to the police or any authority? Pretty less! Isn’t it? We even claim that, if I give it to the police they will share it themselves so I decided to take it. The argument is funny everyone is corrupt so why should I stay away? Or some even claim that I cannot bring a change alone.


Responding to a demand of bribe may delay your service, the officers may ask you more documents. But they cannot ask anything beyond the law. But the demands within the law can create inconvenience. So we are ready to bribe to skip certain procedures . So bribing is a short cut to difficult tasks. How can we address the issue of corruption just with a law?


Justice may be served to everyone in every case. But the fact remains that the time and money needed to reach the justice is long and huge respectively, may not be affordable for everyone.


Lets take an example.


I need a residential certificate from the local body to apply for a passport, there must be some documents required to get it, if I am not lucky enough the procedure may take several days. Imagine the certificate is just proving that I am living in a particular place. So if I am employed and I don’t have time to spend in a government office I may prefer to depend an agent or bribe directly. The bribe may reduce the time and documents required. And I may get a quicker service.


The issue is, I have jumped a queue, I got things without fulfilling the requirement and the officer earned some money. The bigger crime is the injustice to the person standing before me in the queue, he may not be rich enough to bribe. And the prescribed requirements are not verified at all. Which can be seriously dangerous in some cases.


Modernisation of the governance system is the only solution, there must be a kiosk to get all such primary certificates. The departments should share the data of beneficiaries, that will remove the need of many certificates. The unified Identification number may solve the issue of identification of beneficiaries in many cases. That will also reduce the scope of manipulating the list of qualified beneficiaries.


I was talking about the bribe in the lower level, it is just the micro entity of corruption. We cannot skip politicians while we talk about corruption.


The blind political affiliation of people is saving such corrupt leaders. We have to decide that a corrupt leader will not get my vote again, we should not limit our thoughts within the constrains of politics. The opposition of every government will claim that they are different. But the time has proved other ways.


I recently heard an interesting point from a debate on corruption, leaders try to bring their family to politics, and we will see the birth of new leaders. How do they get a chance to groom their wives or children into politics? Some of the leaders are in power for many years and the time is enough for them to push the children up, I am not saying that all the youngsters of the older leaders are bad or corrupt, they may come out with better ideas. Still we may witness an effort to change the governance to a family affair. What is the solution? We cannot demand forbidding all the family members of a leader to politics. That is ridiculously nonsense. We should have a law to restrict a person from contesting the elections for a second time after completion of one tenure. That will bring new faces and reduce the chances of scams, the new person will take some time to learn the scopes of corruption and may not succeed executing one in his five years.


I am not trying to reduce the truthfulness of the campaign against corruption lead by Sri Anna hazare, but I afraid its lacking direction and we cannot isolate every politician from policy making. The politicians are not aliens they are just representatives of us. If we don’t need them push them out in an election and bring better people, why can’t we support a young dynamic independent leader in an election even after having big complaints about the politicians?


The corruption is a reality and it cannot be solved without the effort of the people, but the effort should not end up in making people mistrustful about the system. Lets join hand together for a campaign to modernise the governance and lets stand together to expose the corrupt from the grass root level. Lets take a pledge not to give or take a bribe. If we can change the reality on the root level we can easily tackle the gargantuan leaders at the top.

The struggle for independence and fight against corruption cannot be compared, just because we have a democratic government now and the government has to follow the law and procedures currently existing in this nation. We have all rights to demand but we should give the government a space to breath as it is not free from the prevailing laws. We have to understand the limitation of a government while its being slow in responding to demands. The power of people should not be spoiled by travelling in wrong paths. So we have to rethink and reconstitute our plans, and I suggest a change from the home instead of calling all others bad.


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The concept of truth

On 03/04/2011, in Thoughts, by jyothimenon

Just wanted to say hello for inviting me to your world. i look forward to discussing on many things with you. today i was  very disturbed about the concept of truth. I was reading some articles on a sensitive issue and i realise the total difference in the definition of truth espoused by that side and that of ours. So how do we deal with this type of differences and make fair judgements?


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