I Declare World Peace is the world’s largest ever art / science project / experiment. We describe it in the next few paragraphs. It is not a group. There is nothing to join. There is no cost. There are no members, and it requires no registration. While I Declare World Peace supports and embraces the activities of every other well-intentioned peace promoting endeavor, our experiment is based on the principle of “do less and accomplish more.” So, I Declare World Peace engages in no activities of any kind, except for encouraging everyone to periodically think the affirmation “I Declare World Peace” and from time to time write it on the wall of your favorite social media.

World peace can be achieved in our lifetime. In the meantime, and to help the process (since peace is up to us), please post “I Declare World Peace” on the walls of your social media sites. Thank you.  More…….