China is a developing nation. It may become the economic leader one day. They have the resources and power too. Still certain methods of China is not yet acceptable or digestible for the people fighting for freedom of expression. No prices for guessing the reason, There is no freedom of expression in China in any level. Internet is a distant dream.

There are different ways to be the best. Be the best or keep better people away from the competition. Certain rulers around the world believe in suppressing the voices against them and project themselves unquestioned. denying media their rights is the primary desideratum of those rulers.

Social networking has been evolved as a tremendous platform for the media and the normal people to voice their opinion and initiate campaigns pro or against anything around them. It can be a government strategy or a cause in the neighborhood.

Recently a court of India accepted a petition against the social networking sites including facebook and google. The petitioner pointed out the fact of having unacceptable contents in these websites. Unacceptable is an arguable word and the scope is undefinable. In a broader aspect we can define it as defamatory and hate speeches against a group or a person.

The argument is not insensible. Internet and social networking should not be exempted from every rule of the nation. It cannot be considered as a place where you can say anything about anyone. It is insensible to consider a newspaper report as defamatory and the same news on the website of the newspaper acceptable. Freedom of expression is a great boon for the people living in a democracy at the same time it should not disturb the lives of others around us.

Lets check the practical solutions. There are millions of members in these social networking sites. censoring each and every post may not be practical. The definition of unacceptable content is the next challenge. The acceptability is a flexible term and it can change as per person. We can easily conclude that censoring the contents of social networking may not be feasible in a practical scenario. The obvious defamatory contents can be monitored. Certain people are online only for such campaigns and in the modern world we can easily trace them and keep them out of the web society.

The point here is the entire society should not be punished for the deeds of certain elements of it. The social networking is a replica of the real world. We can find all the criminal elements in internet too. Some of them could be the hate speakers and campaigners. Keeping they away from the web society is the responsibility of the netizens. They may be saying funny thing against persons or groups and we may enjoy their campaigns but following them may take us to the world of troubles.

Ultimately, the users of social networking have the responsibility to censor their own statements and it is also significant to restrain themselves from indulging in the propagation of unaccepted contents.

China may be a model for development and economic growth. But they are surely not a model for freedom of speech. We can save our rights only by sensibly restricting our opinions. Lets hope to see the rights prevail.