We all have a dream world in our hearts. A world which revolves around us,the place where we make decisions. We meet the people we like and they remain where we want them to be.

Some of us are lucky enough to institute that dream world in the virtual world. The virtual world has all the above explained advantages, lets comfortably ignore the disadvantages for the time being. We can surely decide the time we need to enter that world. We can decide the people around us and we can fix the limits for every those virtual relations.

Identity is not a secret anymore. Still we can manage establishing a virtual identity which is not exactly the real one. The word real is very complex when its about identity. It is not just the physical acceptability of the person. Identity is the way we want others to see us. In real life you have limitations in establishing a fabricated identity since we have to reveal the identity in many occasions. It may not be practical for us to maintain a optimized identity, the real us may jump out occasionally, especially when we are under pressure of a situation. That is the background for considering the alleviation ability of the virtual world in presenting ourselves in front of the world.

Some people consider the virtual identity as the liberty to say or do things which they cannot imagine doing in the real world. It can be a hate speech, an attempt to peep into the life of another person or even a conspiracy against an individual or a group.As a technical person i know the limitations of the comfort of a virtual identity. It may not be tough for an expert to trace you to your home. So the comfort of virtual identity is available only when you are doing sane and lawful things.

At the same time creative people can depend the virtual identity frame work to use more of their energy in creation than the explanation of the creation and its relation to their personal lives. The readers or followers of writers do that so often. The method of perception may make us relate the creation and the creator which may not be true in every instances. The creativity shall be inspired by the world around the creator, he may not be a subscriber to that concept.

The virtual world is good to establish an identity we always cherished. There is only one rule, virtual identity is not a free pass to do anything which is forbidden in the real world. It will never provide you any place to hide. There is an emotional part too. We should not be confused about the two identities and the real identity should not hide behind the virtual identity just because its more presentable by the world