I found a boy and a girl in a bus today. they were sitting on the front and they were excited about two other buses running on the same track. I saw their disappointment when one of the other buses overtook our bus when it was on a stop. To increase the dispiritedness the third bus also passed us. The kids were really gloomy. But that was not the end, our bus again managed to overtake both buses in no time and then we went into heavy traffic, other buses never got a chance to change positions. I was hearing the running commentary of the bus race by the excited kids and finally they said.. Yey! We are gonna beat them…

This simple incident took me back to my school days. We used to travel only by one bus because it was very fast.We used to go 30 minutes early to school just for this reason. I was thinking about those days and a gentle smile came on my face. I was standing in a bus stop and my smile got a reciprocation!

It was an elderly lady. She surely has passed six decades of life on this planet. But she was very pleasant and energetic. She was confirming the stop for her bus. We had a conversation in seven minutes. She revealed her autobiography in that time. What all they used to do when they were very young, the monuments they used to visit, the way they used to visit the town from the country areas,  the changes in the town and so on. She never wasted time and explained about her son and grand daughter too. The traveling they did in the whole life, the likes and dislikes of her grand daughter and her ambition to achieve things in life through education.

No that is not the end. We talked about the weather, seasons and the changes in the weather. The unpredictability of seasons. She got time to share her experiences of autumn and spring along with the winters. We then turned into the simplicity of the world. The way we communicate, reach places and even the recession on humanity had been a point of talk.

By that time her bus came in and she gave me another smile and started her journey back home. It was a pleasant meeting, the completely unplanned. She came to the town for buying a gift. May be for her Valentine. We never got time to talk about that gift in detail after all it was a small meeting!