Dreams have that special power to take one back to the past through the corridor of afflictive memories. I had to experience that time travel once again.

I don’t believe in killing the consciousness with an organic drink. The reality will wait for me anyway. Sleep was not being kind on me even after an exhausting day. The past is always hiding behind the bed to take control of my mind on a given opportunity. I don’t have good memories to cherish. The broken part of an ugly chain of losses is still stuck on my legs. I could not remove it, now it seems to be a burden of a life time.

The tough attained sleep had a very small span of life, the dream arrived once again without any invitation. I see this dream almost every night in the past seven years. Its not a surprise any more. But the abrupt end of sleep is affecting my work. Let me make it clear I am not dreaming an unknown place or a devil in my dream. Its a face closely associated with my past. The same face I wished to see every day and every hour. But those incidents changed everything in no time. The rings of the ugly chain of losses started to increase and became a permanent lock on my legs for a lifetime.

There is a woman behind every successful man, I have heard different interpretations to this saying. Some male chauvinists have changed it to “There will be woman behind every successful man”. I am not trying to evaluate these sayings but The same woman can be the reason for misery for many men. It can be a break up or something more than that. The fault may or may not be with the woman but the melancholy created by the incident can be destructive.

But I am not seeing a woman in my dreams, the dream is no way related to a break up too. But it was big enough to change the course of my life for ever. The comfortable highway of life merged into a muddy country road. I cannot see anything other than tall trees and long fields around. Anyone would wish for an Inn in such an endless journey. I forgot to tell you about the person in the dream and the incident changed the course of my life. Let me say that now.. (to be continued…..)